How To Protect Your Hair From The Flat Iron (+ Still Have Sleek Strands!)

When it comes to heat-styling tools, there are few we have more of a love/hate relationship with than the hair iron.

Sure, it gives us sleek strands that make it look like we was born with frizz-free, stick-straight locks (neither of which any of us here were genetically predisposed to, FYI!), but it comes at the price of potentially having to make a deal with the hair-damaging devil.

Sure, ironing down the cuticle of the hair shaft makes hair appear shinier, sleeker, and healthier, but it’s just an illusion. And, in the process, that hair iron of yours fries your formerly magnificent mane. The result: a never-ending cycle of hair ironing to make your damaged locks look healthier, which only damages them more, which in turn has you plugging in the hair iron more, and, well, you get the idea.

Ready to break the cycle, heat junkie?

Prep your hair with the Pantene Pro-V Heat Shield Collection, which provides up to 450 degree heat protection to ensure your precious tresses are protected, and make sure to only keep the iron moving slowly from the roots to the ends. It’s how Pantene Pro-V Celebrity Stylist Kim Kimble protects her famous clients’ locks! You’ll have sleek, shiny, frizz-free locks forever…or until you decide to whip out the curling iron,  anyway!

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How To Protect Your Hair From The Flat Iron (+ Still Have Sleek Strands!)

bob illustration1. Wash and Condition hair with Pantene Pro-V Heat Shield Shampoo and Conditioner.

2. Apply Pantene Pro-V Heat Shield Potion Serum to towel-dried damp hair and comb through hair so product is distributed evenly.

3. Use a large paddle brush to blow dry hair straight, focusing on roots first, then down to the ends.

4. Flat iron hair in small sections, running iron through hair from roots to ends. Use the lowest heat setting needed to straighten the hair – finer hair textures will not need as much heat to achieve this straight, sleek look as courser, curlier hair textures.

5. Finish by spraying hair with Pantene Pro-V Shines Serum with Argan Oil.

Sorry, frizz, but you’re about to go the way of the perm: far, far away in beauty heaven.

Illustrations by Claire Thompson, sponsored by Pantene Pro-V