How To Reverse Summer Sun Damage: 6 Can’t-Miss Tips

If  you have discolored skin… The most noticeable sign of sun damage is in the form of sun spots. Sure, they’re reminiscent of the cute freckles we had as kids…. But they’re not nearly as cute! To fade them fast, try La Roche Posay Mela-D Dark Spots ($51.99), which has Kojic Acid, LHA and broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection to effectively reduce signs of dark spots (age spots, brown spots, discoloration) every day. Plus, it’s hydroquinone-free!

If your skin is unevenly toned + textured… If too many days spent beach side have left your skin unevenly toned and textured, breakdown and slough off dead, dull skin cells with Arcona Brightening Gommage ($52) which uses L-Ascorbic acid and daisy extract to safely and gently exfoliate skin and reduce melanin production, all-naturally.

If you have sun damage on your body… Too many carefree days spent lounging beachside can leave you with sun spots but Environ® Body Derma-Lac Lotion ($64) can help! The neutralized, lactic acid based body lotion is an excellent solution for dry, rough skin on the body including feet, elbows and knees. Plus, it can also be used to treat sun damage on the body and problematic skin (like those “chicken bumps” behind your arms!). Derma-Lac should be introduced gradually to the skin, as not everyone can use it every day – but with regular use, it’s sure to soften uneven texture and boost the appearance of dry and rough areas for a healthy, radiant, even-toned appearance.

If your lashes are thinning… When we think of summer sun damage, few of us think of our lashes – but the sun damages our eye lashes and we shed them much more in the summer than the fall or winter, so now is the time for bringing back long, beautiful lashes for the Fall. With RapidLash ($49.99), you can see noticeably improved lashes in just 30 days.

If your hair is thin + lackluster… You may think the sun gives you pretty harm-free highlights, but it only does so by stripping down your natural hair shaft – leaving you with thinner hair! To pump up the volume, look for an amino-packed complex like Keranique Amplifying Lift Spray ($18), which not only helps to pump up the volume, but also adds shine to dull tresses too!

If your hair is dull + damaged…  Bored with your hair? Start fall off with a fresh new cut – you’ll chop off all the damage and give back too if you “Pony Up” and join Pantene for their National Donate Your Hair Day on September 7, as they help you to grow long, strong, beautiful hair and to turn your donated hair cut into free, real-hair wigs for women with cancer! You can participate at any salon – just head to for details. Plus, you’ll get a fresh new look for fall, free from summer sun damage!