How To Rock A Deep Side Part, Regardless Of Where Your Hair Naturally Parts

Think you’re destined to a lifetime spent at the mercy of your natural hair part?

Think again!

Turns out, you’re not fated to a life spent working around the place your hair naturally wants to fall – at the expense of trying every hairstyle you automatically covet just because it’s not your natural one. (It is, after all, why every curly haired girl I know wants straight locks and every girl with stick straight strands pines for curls.)

The key: the right tools and the insider tricks of the trade.

And, well, good news, ladies: that deep side part you’ve been coveting can be yours in 7 easy steps we learned backstage at the Fyodor Golan show at London Fashion Week show where evo’s lead stylist Kenna created the most perfectly simple deep diagonal side part juxtaposed with loose, face-shaping curls.

How To Get A Deep Side Part, Regardless Of Your Natural Hair Type + Part

  1. Prep hair using a good amount of evo Salty Dog Cocktail Beach Spray on mid lengths and ends to bring out natural beach texture.
  2. Use the pointy end of a comb to create a deep diagonal part from just above where your hair line naturally recesses to the crown of your hair, tucking hair down behind the ear.
  3. Use a tail comb to brush hair down as you use a blow dryer to set hair in the right direction.
  4. Create texture with a curling iron, as desired.
  5. Lift small sections of hair and spray the root with evo Builders Paradise, using your hand to flatten hair.
  6. Use a brush or your hands to work the direction of the hair forward over the eye opposite the part.
  7. Add texture with evo Shebang-A-Bang.

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