Hair How To: How To DIY Rosamund Pike’s Bun

How To DIY Rosamund Pike’s Bun

Sometimes stars wow us with hairstyles on a red carpet that we admire from afar but, minus a super-lix black tie wedding, leave us with nowhere to try the look ourselves.

When, however, a star walks the red carpet with a hairstyle we know we can wear with confidence, well, we’re quick to pull out our hairstyling tools and get blowing, curling, and pinning.

Such was the case when Rosemund Pike dazzled us on the red carpet with her casual, yet glam, ponytail hairstyle.

Styled by Kylee Rae Heath, it was a bun we could all relate to – and a hairstyle we couldn’t wait to wear.

Here is the breakdown on how to DIY the hairstyle straight from Kylee…

How To: Rosamund Pike’s Bun

  1. Starting on damp hair, spray Oscar Blandi Protein Mist throughout the hair.
  2. Then apply Oscar Blandi Hair Lift Mousse and comb the product through.
  3. Blow out your hair, creating volume and movement.
  4. Use a Sultra The Bombshell 3/4-Inch Rod Curling Iron and a 1-inch sized marcel iron to create texture, I sprayed Oscar Blandi Dry Styling Heat Protect Spray.
  5. Once the texture was in place, I used a comb to section from behind the left ear, over the head to the top of the right ear.
  6. I pulled the back section into a ponytail. Then, looking in a mirror together, I pulled the front section back to meet the ponytail securing with bobby pins.
  7. I sprayed the look into place and twisted the ponytail into a bun and pinned it. Then finished the look with the Pronto Lacca Medium Hold Hairspray and applied the Polish Glossing Creme to the short hair of her undercut.