How To DIY The Doo.Ri Runway Fishtail Braid

By Alix Turoff

Ever since the models paraded down the Doo.Ri runway at New York Fashion Week with face framing fishtail braids (courtesy of hair genius Orlando Pita for T3), we’ve been attempting continuously to copy the style in our own hair and badgering friends to let us practice on them. Just when we were ready to give up, we achieved the holy grail of braids and came up with a few simple steps to help you do it too!

Note: Fishtail braids are easiest to do on medium to long hair that is not layered or angled. If you do have layers or angles, though, don’t fret. With a little extra practice, you too can achieve Orlando Pita’s coveted look.

How To DIY The Doo.Ri Runway Fishtail Braid

Step 1: Traditional fish tail braids are done in the back of the head but Pita spiced it up to match the Doo. Ri aesthetic by creating two side fishtail braids and joining them in the back. To begin, you will need a good aerosol hair spray, like Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play ($13.59), that dries quickly and holds firmly.

Step 2: Start on one side of the head, taking a small section of hair and dividing it into sections (We will call these Section 1 and 2). You will then divide the right section further into two additional sections, Section 1a and 1b and the left into Section 2a and 2b.

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Step 3: Take section 1a (outside) and cross it over section 1 b (inside).

Step 4: Take section 2a (outside) and cross it over section 2b (inside) to meet section 1a in the middle.

Step 5: Repeat step 3 and 4 until you reach the desired length. Tie a small rubberband at the bottom of the braid to hold it in place

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Step 6: Move to the other side of the head, repeating the same process.

Step 7: When both braids are complete, twist the two strands together and secure them at the back of the head with a cute clip.

It will take some practice before you can do a fishtail braid on your own hair but why not get some of your girlfriends together and practice on each other (girl talk included)?

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