How To: The Perfect Blowout, At Home

By Hannah Young

Here at The Beauty Bean, we (obviously) love a good pamper. Any chance to book in a mani/pedi, facial or massage and we’re on the phone pronto! However, being able to get professional results inexpensively at home is still essential. And while we’ve cracked the homemade mani and we know the ins and outs of a hot steam bath and a homemade face mask, the perfect blow out still somehow fills us with dread. In fact, the thought of it is already making us sweat and frizz up our perfectly salon-styled tresses!

Still haven’t mastered the at-home mani?

So, we thought we’d take it upon ourselves to prove to all you beauties out there (and ourselves!) that the perfect blowout can be achieved at home. Whether you want to create the super sleek look a la Posh Spice circa 1998 or Kim Kardashian’s flowing curls and waves, with a few quick tips and practice we can assure you that it is, in fact, possible to do it yourself.

Here are our pointers below before taking the jump:

Prep: For fine hair, use a light product such as a mousse prior to drying; thicker hair works best with a cream or serum product. With our medium thick hair, we used Bumble and Bumble’s Prep Spray to moisten and nourish the hair and grabbed hold of a round brush and dryer, ready to fight for our Kim K waves!

Divide and Conquer: Divide the hair into 3-4 sections across the head, clipping the top layers away so you can start from the sections at nape of your neck. As you begin to tackle each layer, divide again into smaller sections of about 2 inches each. Starting with under-most layer, unclip one section of hair and wrap it around the barrel of the brush. Aim your dryer up, against the grain of the hair, making sure the roots are totally dry before moving on to the ends. Rotate the brush underneath the ends as you dry in order to ensure they look smooth. The more you pull with your brush as you dry, the longer your blow out will last. Repeat with each section of hair until all clips have been removed.

A deep conditioning treatment you can make at home!

Don’t rush: Allow time to create your dream style. Speeding up the process will only cause unnecessary frizz. If you’re looking for added volume, take larger sections of hair and brush them up and away from the head whilst pointing the hair dryer at the roots to create more lift.

Practice: Even as beauty pros, our first attempt was an experience, to say the least. But, once we caught onto the momentum of combining brush with dryer, the process became a whole lot easier and the final result was definitely worthy of a night out! After a second try, we felt like we’d walked out of a hair care commercial. Kim K, eat your heart out!

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