How To Touch Up Your Hair Color Between Salon Visits

Never Show Visible Roots Again!

We’ve all been there (well, all of us who color our hair anyway!). You wake up and look in the mirror only to be met with the horror – no, not of a popped-up-out-of-nowhere pimple – but of hair roots that seem to have sprung up overnight. When an immediate trip to your colorist isn’t an option, though, here are a few ways you can touch up your roots at home from NYC colorist Miguel Angarita of Mizu Salon.

For a quick fix…  Try color-matching Bumble and Bumble Dry Shampoo ($19-$35), a colored dry spray powder. Just style your hair as usual before spraying about 8 inches away from the root, where needed.

If you’re gray or a redhead… If you are covering gray or you a redhead, make sure you use a shade closest to your current color and only put color on the root. If you run color through your whole head, you may darken or flatter the ends.

Try these low-maintenance highlights!

If you’re a faux blonde… Don’t worry, we won’t tell! But if you want your roots to blend in until you can make it to the salon, brighten your roots with drugstore color. Just choose the right shade of color (which is usually 2 to 3 shades lighter than your natural color) and leave the product on your roots for 10 minutes or less (ignore the box instructions!) to boost your roots just enough to hold you over.

If your highlights are growing out… Put your colorist on speed dial! Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to achieve a salon-like highlights on your own. But, luck for you, the rooty look is very fashion forward (think ombré)! Not into the ombré look? Talk with your colorist about balayage, a lightening technique designed to grow out without roots!

Remember, when going for a quick fix to hold you over, don’t get in over your head. Focus only on the re-growth and keep it simple to avoid the risk of damaging your existing color.

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