Gardner Edmunds of Arrojo Salon Shows Us How To Use The Modern Crimper

By Alexis Wolfer

Anyone who knows me, knows that I relish the comeback of anything from the 80s. Ripped Jeans. Off-the-shoulder sweatshirts. Leg warmers. Slap bracelets. Check. Check. Check. And check.

So when I heard the crimper was coming back in style… well, needless to say, “Like A Prayer” was pretty much my personal soundtrack and Arrojo Salon was my first stop.

Like any trend revival, though, the crimper has come back with a decidedly modern twist. With narrower, shallower ridges, the effect is less “crimped” and more “cool.” So, for all of you ladies who dread the day the permed side-pony makes a comeback: we’re not talking about a crimped hairstyle reminiscent of that middle school photo you hope stays hidden for all of eternity. And we’re most certainly not talking about crimped bangs. So keep on reading…

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At Arrojo salon, Gardner Edmunds created a messy, editorial-looking bun for a more sophisticated twist on my usual top-knot by using the crimper to add volume and texture. But whether you want to update your usual updo or add edge to your long locks, here’s are tips on how to use a crimper…

Use a mouse or volume spray and apply from root to ends of dry hair then blow dry your hair with a paddle brush directing the hair toward the top of your head around your entire hairline.

Take small, quarter-inch sections and begin crimping from root to ends down the hair shaft, working your way from the back of your head to the front.

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For a top-knot, pull all the crimped hair to the top of your head and twist hair into a bun and pin with bobby pins.

Use dry shampoo and hair spray to add even more texture.

Not sure how to best use the crimper for your hair? Make an appointment with Garnder at Arrojo!

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