How To Weatherproof Your Hair: Tips + Tricks From Angelo David Salon

By Courtney Leiva

This brutal winter season, with its ever-changing elements, sure have done a number on our tresses.

So, to find a routine that can stand strong against the rain, wind and snow, we’ve consulted Celebrity Colorist Meaghan Frayne of Angelo David Salon, to give us the best tips and tricks on how to truly weatherproof your locks.

The Beauty Bean: How do the elements exactly affect our hair?

Meaghan Frayne: “Hair is porous much like a sponge. During the summer months, our hair absorbs the humid moisture, causing it to expand and often frizz. During the winter, the dry and windy days pull the moisture out of our hair leaving it feeling flat, bristle and often prone to static. Additionally, the more urban your environment, the more pollutants like car exhaust and cigarette smoke come in contact with our porous locks, leaving the surface of our hair looking dull and lackluster.”

TBB: How can you preserve a good blowout with this constantly changing weather?

MF: “Use a dry shampoo (Like Pureology Fresh Approach Dry Shampoo) at the roots to absorb oil, [before] brushing with a padded boar and nylon bristle brush to distribute the dry shampoo. Redken also has a new blow dry prep product called Pillow Proof to help extend the life of a blowout.”

 TBB: Are there any good low maintenance hairstyles to try, that are totally weatherproof?

MF: “Long hair pins are essential to twist hair into a loose bun and then tuck safely under a soft knitted snow cap to prevent contact with snow and rain.”

TBB: What are some definite products to have for all those beauty emergencies?

MF: “Dry Shampoo, the Angelo David Brush, and a light flexible hair spray are definite musts. Plus, use a lightweight finishing serum/oil like Redken’s Diamond Oil which is great for both hair and skin.”