Jessica Simpson Hair Can Be Yours: Ken Paves Shows Us How

By Alexis Wolfer

As one of the hottest hairdressers in Hollywood, Ken Paves has created unforgettable looks for the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, Lady Gaga, Victoria Beckman and Jessica Simpson, just to name a few. And while we all long for locks even mildly resembling any of these leading ladies; unfortunately, not all of us can get our (perhaps less than lovely) locks in this mane man’s hands for a red-carpet worthy do. Well, until now. No, Paves isn’t giving away free dos (although we’ll be sure to let you know if he does!). Rather, Paves is bringing his laid-back approach, unparalleled integrity and dedication to detail to you via his award winning line of extensions, hairdo™ inspired by Jessica Simpson. Who knows, this may even be better than a top-notch hair cut with the mane master himself since you won’t have to commit to a stick-straight style or bold bangs but, instead, can switch up your hair as often as you like, without having to wait for that awkward grow-out phase to pass.

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We sat down with the mane maven to find out why he loves extensions and the best ways for us to wear them!

5 reasons why Paves thinks you should try hairdo™ extensions:

Hair extensions are non-committal – you can simply and effortlessly change your hairstyle without ever making a permanent cut!

Women love hairdo clip-in extensions as they can have the hair of their dreams – in an instant! hairdo removes the limitations and women can have exactly what they want –  their perfect hair. Women can change their hair as often as they change their mind.

Depending on your desire, hairdo allows women to experiment with different lengths, both long and short, textures including wavy, straight and curly and colors.  The clips attach the extensions to your hair so that they blend seamlessly into your natural hair.

Hair extensions are cost-effective – you can achieve many hairstyles at home without having to ever go to a hairstylist!  You can get salon results at home and what woman doesn’t want that?!?”

And of course they allow women to feel glamorous and have exactly what they want!

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5 tips on wearing them perfectly:

It’s best to wash your hair the evening before and let it air-dry without any product in it. The next day, apply the product only where you need it, before you apply your extensions. This method prevents hair from getting too oily, which might interfere with the grip the extensions need and not slip out of your hair.

Tease/back-comb and apply a strong hold hairspray to the area where you will apply the clips. This will give you more security and holding power. If you have fine hair, tease the section of hair just above your highest extensions and comb the top smooth – this will provide coverage to hide the extensions below.  Keeping the hair smooth on-top will help it stay modern not bouffant-ish.  When finished, finger style and shake your style out to keep it natural but still in place.

You can use the hair products you use on your own hair on Human Hair clip-in extensions.   Use a curling iron or flat iron after the piece is dry. If you’re wearing our Tru2Life heat-friendly fiber, then you can use heat-styling tools up to 350 degrees.

Synthetic hairdo clip-in extensions should be shampooed as per the instruction on the hangtag.  Wash in cold water and be sure not to comb while wet.  Hang to dry and never use heated styling tools such as a curling iron, flat iron or blow dryer on the synthetic hair. Human hair hairdo clip-in extensions should be shampooed with a conditioning shampoo and conditioned with a deep penetrating conditioner, without rubbing or twisting.

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