Keratin Brazilian Blowout: The 411 On Hair Straightening Treatments

By Alix Turoff

Even as girls who love Real Beauty, we’re not immune to the whole wanting what you can’t have shtick. You’ve heard it a million times…girls who have curly hair lust for straight hair while girls who have straight hair dream of having the perfect curls. Here at The Beauty Bean, we’re more than happy with the hair we have been given but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to switch it up sometimes. So, when we got the call to come in for a Brazilian Blowout at Pierre Michel Salon in New York City, we couldn’t resist the promise of hassle free hair for the next 3 months.

Upon walking into the hair Mecca that is Pierre Michel, we knew we’d be in good hands. But when we were ushered over to the shampooing area, we were sold. One of our least favorite things about getting our hair done is the neck pain that immediately ensues as we’re told to lay on a cold sink with our necks hyper extended. To combat this problem, Pierre Michel had raised chairs that bring your body into a horizontal position, eliminating the need for a visit to a chiropractor post-styling, yay!

Hair static solutions!

We were then introduced to the famous Dror, who would be performing our Cadiveu Brazilian Blowout. The Cadiveu treatment infuses hair with healthy proteins, without changing the structure of the hair. Dror promised us that after the treatment our hair would be frizz-free and straight, with very minimal styling time.

Unlike earlier, chemical laden treatments, the Cadiveu formaldehyde-free formula is safe on color-treated hair, allows you to wash your hair as soon as you like and it comes straight from Sao Paulo Brazil – so it really is a Brazilian Blowout! After we received our shampoo, which opened the hair cuticle, Dror carefully applied the product to our locks. He then blow-dried our hair and separated it into layers in order to meticulously straighten each section of hair to seal in the product. The entire 3-step process took no longer than 1 hour, which, to be honest, we were kind of bummed about, because we would’ve loved to stay and chat with Dror all day (and call it “work”)!

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Post treatment, our styling now takes no longer than 10 minutes (versus our usual 45!) The only “rule” is to be sure to use a sulfate-free shampoo (we love Organix, $6.99), although Dror also suggested we purchase Coppola’s Keratin Complex Infusion Therapy ($32.29) for use about a month after the treatment. Like the treatment itself, the complex opens the cuticle and infuses keratin proteins into the hair to strengthen and revitalize hair during styling making it a great product for maintaining the Brazilian Blowout. But don’t worry: even if you don’t maintain the treatment, the Brazilian Blowout wears off in 3-4 months, so we won’t ever have to worry about curly roots! Can you even imagine?

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