Keratin Treatment & Brazilian Blowout: Tips On How To Extend The Life Of Your Treatment

By Jessie Leventhal

Unless you’re blessed with humidity-proof hair (and few of us are!), a rainy day can ensure a bad hair day (and thus a bad mood)– and no one wants that! To guarantee 12 weeks of good hair days, make an appointment for a Brazilian Blowout (click here to find a salon near you). With its proprietary polymer system, the Brazilian Blowout creates a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle, while simultaneously improving the condition of the hair.

Color your hair or currently use other chemical treatments? Fret not. The Brazilian Blowout will not only improve the health of the hair (even if you’ve treated it with other straightening treatments or relaxers in the past), but also enhance the color. In fact, the more the hair has been damaged by chemicals, the better the results will be! (Although we’re certainly not suggesting intentional damage pre-treatment!) And, unlike other Keratin-based treatments, only the Brazilian Blowout is free of harsh chemicals (including formaldehyde) and lets you wash your hair right away (because no one likes the 3-day hair many other straightening treatments require).

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To ensure the success of your treatment and extend its results, though, it’s important to follow a few rules – and, trust us, you’ll want to extend the results as long as possible– if for no other reason than to spread out the time between the hefty salon bill (the Brazilian Blow Out can cost $300 and up)! Here, some of our top tips:

Washing: Try to shampoo no more than 2-3 times per week since shampooing can strip the hair of essential oils. If your hair tends to get greasy, try using a dry shampoo like Clean Dry Shampoo ($18). And, when you do shampoo, be sure to use Brazilian Blowout Acai Anti Frizz Shampoo, designed for use in conjunction with the treatment. Desperately desire a hair wash more regularly? Try to just rinse and condition wuth Brazilian Blowout Acai Anti-Frizz Conditioner ($34), skipping the shampoo.

Conditioning: Twice each month, use a conditioning masque, such as the Brazilian Blowout Acai Deep Conditioning Masque ($34), to dramatically improve your hair health with penetrating nutritional proteins that help seal in the treatment and keep the hair frizz-free.

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Swimming: Although we all enjoy going for a dip in the pool or ocean (it’s summer…who doesn’t?!), unfortunately, the treatment will wear off more quickly if you expose your locks to chlorine or salt water on a regular basis. If staying out of the water, though, just isn’t an option, wet your hair with tap water first. This way, the water absorbs less of the chlorine or salt, which can cause the Brazilian Blowout to wear out faster. For added protection, use the Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Serum Brazilian Blowout Acai Daily Smoothing Serum ($32) to further maintain the treatment.

Styling. Before blow-drying the hair, use the Brazilian Blowout Acai Daily Smoothing Serum ($32). Not only will the serum help to extend the life of the treatment, but it will also untangle and add shine to the hair. Because the Brazilian Blowout is a cumulative treatment, the more often you get the treatment done, the longer the treatment will stay in the hair and the healthier it will become.

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