DIY This Knotted Half-Up Hairstyle, Easily!

Tired of the top knot and bored with a braid?

Try this new twist on the effortless half-up hairstyle, straight from the experts at Butterfly Studio Salon.

Our favorite part (besides the heads you’ll turn!): this knotted half-up hairstyle works great with texture, frizzy, or even 3rd or 4th day hair making it the ideal post-workout hairstyle.

How To DIY: Knotted Half-Up Hairstyle

  1. Apply a texturizing product or dry shampoo (like Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray) to dry hair from root to ends for grip and hold when styling. Massage through with your hands to work the product in.
  2. Using your hands, section out a “horse shoe” shape of hair at the crown area. If your hair is thicker, opt for larger section, while thinner hair can work with a smaller amount of hair.
  3. Wrap a small clear elastic around the sectioned off piece of hair 2-3 times. On your final wrap around the hair, only pull your hair thru half way, so that you are left with a little “pom-pom.”
  4. Open up the pom-pom with your fingertips for fullness to create a textured knot before wrapping the hair around the knot once and using the existing elastic band to secure it. Leave the ends sticking out,  right under the pom-pom, as you will use the extra hair length to help with fullness and perfectly messy texture for your next knot.
  5. Create your next section right below the first by taking 1 1/2 to 2 inches of hair from the sides (horse shoe or “V” part all the way around the head). Use your hands again to gather and comb the hair back, then combine the hair ends from your first knot with your new section and repeat steps 3 and 4 – securing a pom-pom right under the first, wrapping around once, tucking to secure, and leaving ends free. If your hair is long enough you can even wrap the extra hair around in a “figure eight” motion around both knots for extra detail.
  6. To finish, spritz a little hairspray and then make it your own. Don’t be afraid to muss it up – the more texture the better! Add some volume to the front top of your head by slightly pulling/gently tugging hair up at the root with your fingers.

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