Backstage Beauty Report: The Looped Ponytail

Designer: Bottega Veneta

Lead Hair Stylist: Redken Global Creative Director Guido

The Scoop: “The look at Bottega is very natural. Tomas [Maier] wanted the girls to look like they’d been outside, trekking, walking, living, so they’re very fresh. It literally took me five minutes to create the ponytails. I blasted the hair with Redken’s wind blown, 05, then created a rough part, and pulled the girls’ hair halfway through an elastic to create a half-finished loop, so it’s the way a very real woman would do her hair,” said Redken Global Creative Director Guido who created the fresh looped ponytail for the runway at Bottega Veneta’s Spring/Summer 2016 show.

How To DIY Modern Looped Ponytail

  1. Start with dry hair in its natural texture, if slightly wavy. If needed, bend random sections of hair around a 1-1/2 inch curling iron for additional body.
  2. Liberally spray Redken wind blown 05 dry finishing spray all over hair to enhance natural texture.
  3. Create a rough center part with fingers, so it’s not too perfect.
  4. Gather hair into a low ponytail, pulling the length halfway through an elastic to create a looped ponytail bun, leaving the ends exposed.

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