Wow With Blake Lively’s Punk-Inspiried Ponytail

By Courtney Leiva

Keeping in the punk theme, blonde beauty Blake Lively rocked an edgy tri-ponytail at this year’s Met Ball festivities!

Taking inspiration from Blake’s flawless Gucci dress, celebrity hairstylist Rod Ortega looped together three ponytails to create a punk-rock take on the classic look.

Using T3 products, Ortega shows us how to replicate this look at home.

How To DIY Blake Lively’s Tri-Ponytail

1. Dry hair completely using T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Hair Dryer.

2. Add waves to your entire head with the T3 Bodywaver. If you have thin or fine hair, spray hair with dry shampoo throughout for added texture and volume.

3. Starting at the crown of your head, divide your hair into three even sections. One will form a high poonytail, one will secure at the nape of your neck and one in between.

4. Pulling hair tightly and combing the crown of your head for a sleek, pulled-back finish, secure the highest ponytail with a clear or hair color matching hair elastic.

5. Pull the middle section of hair into a ponytail and use another hair elastic to secure it to the length of the first ponytail.

6. Secure the lowest ponytail, using an additional elastic, to the lengths of the ponytail created in step 5.

7. If your hair is very long (like Blake Lively’s), use additional elastics to cinch hair at even intervals.

8. Gently tug on the ponytails to create volume.

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