How To Hydrate Your Hair, With Any Budget

By Alexis Wolfer

We all want luscious locks and we know that a moisturized mane is essential if we are to be free from frizz and protected from breakage. But how are we to know whether or not our hair is happily hydrated or desperately dry? Should we base our judgment on texture (but not everyone’s tresses have the same texture to begin with)? Do we know we’re too dry when our locks lack luster (and what amount of sheen is satisfactory)?

To take out the guess work, the experts at Pantene Pro-V recommend this test for your tresses: put a droplet of water gently on your hair and observe whether it stays intact on the surface of your strand or whether your locks lap it up. If the droplet stays intact, your hair is adequately moisturized. If the droplet is soaked up, however, it’s a sign that you need to moisturize your mane.

Failed the test? Don’t fret. If your winter woes include dehydrated, dull, and damaged hair there is a solution for every budget.

3 Ways To Hydrate Your Hair, With Any Budget

$35-$50: Make an appointment at your local salon for a deep conditioning treatment
The Beauty Bean Pick: a Kérastase Conditioning Treatment. Click here to find a Kérastase Consultant Salon near you – although we’re partial to the treatments at our favorite NYC salon, Wonderland Beauty Parlor.

$5-$15: Change your products
The Beauty Bean Pick: Pantene Pro-V Restoratives Time Renewal line. With a shampoo to remove build-up, a conditioner to restore and protect, and a mask to deeply penetrate for optimal moisture, you’re sure to see a dramatic decline in dehydration and damage. (Added bonus: if you’re not satisfied, Pantene will switch you back to your old product at no cost!)

Less than $5: Make a moisturizing mask at home
The Beauty Bean Pick: A concoction suggested to us by the experts at Philip Kingsley. While this make-it-yourself mask is a bit messy, the results (and price) are worth the hassle.

You’ll need:
2 room-temperature eggs
2 tablespoons coconut oil
2 tablespoons olive oil

Beat ingredients together and massage into dry hair to ensure even application. (To reduce the mess, try painting the mixture on using a pastry brush). Cover head with a shower cap for 10 minutes before shampooing out.

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