Mêche: The Best LA Hair Salon. Period. (And My Secret Formula)

If there is one tip I have for women who color their hair, it’s to splurge on the good stuff. And, no, I don’t mean the best formula at the drugstore (although you definitely want the healthiest dyes coloring those locks of yours). Rather, it’s all about the colorist.

So when it’s time for my hair color (which is often!) I head to Mêche in Beverly Hills to rub elbows with A-listers and give my tresses the royal treatment.

(Seriously, if you want a guaranteed celebrity sighting in Los Angeles, skip The Ivy and head to Mêche. Or do both… the fish tacos really are AMAZING.)

Here’s the deal. There’s a reason J.Lo, Jessica Biel, Emma Stone and Kate Beckinsale head to Mêche every time they’re pinning for a hair color change. Or, more accurately, there are three.

First. Tracey Cunningham‘s new(ish) salon is chock-full of hair color geniuses who perfectly understand the intersection of your style, life and hair and can impeccably take your inner-most hair desires and figure out the best way to ensure you’re happy not only when you leave the salon, but also 3 weeks later when it’s starting to grow out. Case in point: With my busy travel schedule, I inevitably cancel 3 appointments for every 1 I actually get to – and no one knows this more than Tracey who is always sure to color my hair in a way that will grow out beautifully. Ya, know, so when I’m called to tape a last minute segment and I haven’t been in for 7 weeks, I’m not frantically dousing my tresses with drugstore dyes or trying to fake it with colored mascara.

Second. They do it without damaging your hair. From working color through with their fingers (not combs which tug on tresses weakened when doused in dye) to monitoring your color carefully, the colorists at Mêche have your hair’s health in mind at all time. I was once told that if I wanted to constantly color my hair without damaging it, to finda pro who works on models and actresses who are constantly required to take their hair from one extreme to the next. The client roster at Meche should give you all the confidence you need to ensure you’re in good hands. (Just this last visit I saw Kate Beckinsale, Camila Alves, Maya Rudolph, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.)

Third. She makes it look natural. Whether bleach blond, blue black or firry red, I’ve never seen someone with an obviously colored mane. Sure, some hues don’t exist in nature (or at least not on human heads), but that doesn’t mean that the colorists at Mêche can’t fake it flawlessly. One of my favorite “secrets”: they color your hairline just a shade lighter than the rest of your hair to make it look naturally sun-kissed.

Mêche Salon: 8820 Burton Way, Beverly Hills, California.
To make an appointment, call: (310) 278-8930 

Ps. Not in LA but want my color? Here’s what Tracey did:
Low lights: apply 9GC +7WN to the top half of the head and 9GC +Clear to the bottom half of the head (Redken Shades Cream) for 20 minutes.
Roots: 7NW (Redken Shades Cream) only to the roots for 20 minutes.
Hair Line: Apply 9NB + 9AA (Redken Shades EQ), which is a shade lighter, only to the hairline. Leave on for 20 minutes as well.