How To DIY A Braided Silk Chignon

Get The Look: Braided Silk Chignon

Designer: Alice + Oliva

Lead Hair Stylist: Michael Dueñas, Schwarzkopf Professional Brand Ambassador

The Scoop: “Create a subtle statement by braiding silk scarves into a classic chignon,” says Michael Dueñas.

How To DIY A Braided Silk Chignon

  1. Start by applying two golf-ball sized portions of OSiS+ Grip Extreme Hold Mousse ($19) to dry hair from scalp to ends for control and shine.
  2. Part hair in the middle.
  3. Dry hair flat towards the forehead using the SKP-PRO Heat Dryer Powered by FHI ($165).
  4. Gather hair into a low tight ponytail. Secure with hook elastic.
  5. Fold a scarf to match the length of hair and pull through the elastic to secure to ponytail.
  6. With the scarf in the middle, section the ponytail into two parts, creating a three-section braid. Braid to the ends.
  7. Wrap braid into a tight bun and secure with large pins.
  8. Hide the ends of scarf inside the bun and tuck loose hair behind ears.
  9. Finish and polish the look with OSiS+ Elastic Flexible Hold Hairspray ($19).