Ombré Hair: Celebrities Rock The Low-Maintenance Style, So Can You

By Alexis Wolfer

If Halloween costumes have you craving a more permanent (and socially acceptable) change in style, make like Hollywood ‘it’ girls Drew Barrymore and Jessica Biel and give Ombré hair a try. Not only is it the most low-maintenance way to update your hair color (meaning you’ll save money and time at the salon!) but also one of the season’s hottest hair trends.

Fall’s wildest trend!

As celebrity hairstylist Umberto Savone of Umberto Salon in Beverly Hills told us, “this graduated color change, from dark to light, brings a lot of warmth to the face.” And we agree! With a gradual shift in color from darker towards your roots to lighter at the ends, this fashionable fall hair style will ensure that your locks always look lovely, your complexion glows and you’ll be as fashion forward as they come.

While a stop at the salon will include your stylist lightly brushing highlights into the ends of your hair, if you can’t afford to spend the time or money at the salon, Umberto has you covered with his inexpensive, easy-to-use, at-home hair coloring kit that will give you the Ombré look, inexpensively!

As Umberto explains, “simply choose from one of the 24 available colors [of U Color by Umberto Beverly Hills] that is one shade darker than your natural hair color. Concentrate on coloring just the roots of your hair, then, using the tint brush (included in the kit) lightly swipe the color down the strands of your hair to ensure a gradual, lighter color change.”

There are 2 ways to easily achieve the look at home, depending on which part of your existing hair color you like best.

Love the natural hue of the ends of your hair?

Darken your roots about two shades darker than the existing hair color! Start by protecting the hair you don’t want to fully color (the ends) with the Umberto Repair Treatment Masque. Then, using the tint brush, brush the color on from the scalp at least 3-4 inches, being careful not to be too careful! Brush down from the scalp down at least 3-4 inches. Process the color for 20 minutes and then use the tint brush to pull the color through the ends. Process for an additional 5 minutes (this allows the color to cover the demarcation line so that you don’t end up with blocks of color).

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Prefer the natural hue of your roots?

Starting by lightening your ends about 2 shades lighter than the existing color. Umberto recommends using U Color Pearl Blonde (11.8), which is a low ammonia formula that will lift the color approximately 2 shades, without using damaging bleach. Protect your roots with Umberto Repair Treatment Masque and, using the tint brush, brush the Pearl Blonde on the ends, again being careful not to be too careful. After 20 minutes, wipe the color off of the ends with a towel (one that you won’t miss!) or paper towel. There’s no need to wash it just yet, but if you’re worried, you can rinse everything out (try to do this relatively quickly) and cover the roots with the Repair Treatment Masque again. Select a shade of U Color to tone the newly lightened hair. Put this color on the ends, using the tint brush to lightly pull the color through, and process for an additional 5 minutes. Wash and style

The best part about this style? “It looks better as your hair grows out”, says Umberto, “no touch-ups needed!”

U Color by Umberto Beverly Hills retails for $11.99 at

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