Hair Secrets From Sophia Vergara, Jessica Alba & Emma Stone’s Mane Man

By Diana Zarowin

If you ever wanted to know how Emma Stone, Jessica Alba and Sophia Vergara keep their hair looking healthy and shiny even with all the styling and processing their hair goes through to be red carpet and silver screen ready, we have the secrets for you.

We asked the man behind the locks of these leading ladies, the one and only Oscar Blandi, to share some of his best hair care secrets to prevent hair damage when heat styling, to keep hair free from breakage and to ensure tresses stay thick and strong.

How to prevent hair breakage…With all the styling and coloring we subject our hair to, preventing breakage is a top priority. So, how to does Oscar Blandi keep A-listers free from hair breakage? According to Blandi, his top tip is to “moisturize!” However, as he explains, “this does not mean using a lot of conditioner, a mistake many people make. [Rather, it means] to deep condition every one to two weeks [to] maintain strong hair that is less prone to breakage, with a lot of elasticity.”

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How to get thick hair… Okay, so even Oscar Blandi can’t turn thin tresses into thick locks, but he can help us steer clear of thinning hair! His best tip: “protect hair from buildup [by] us[ing] a shampoo that clarifies and cleans the hair.” Not sure which clarifying shampoo to try? We love Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo.

How to prevent hair damage… As with most things, prevention is the best medicine. So make sure you start by protecting your hair, prior to heat styling, with heat protection spray. If you’re going to blow dry your hair, Blandi suggests using a few drops of the Oscar Blandi Jasmine Oil Serum on damp hair, which, as he explains, “acts as a heat protector before using hair tools.”

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