Pantene Pro-V Introduces Breakthrough NEW Shampoo Formulas That Go Beyond Washing, Fuel Hair From Within

If you’re like us, you probably think there’s little your workouts have to do with your blowouts, other than the former messing up the latter (and sore arms, perhaps!). But oh, how wrong we were.

Turns out, just like you need to fuel your workout for peak physical performance, your hair performs best when it’s also fueled. And, like with your body’s fitness performance, the type of fuel matters.

Think of it this way: we all know that a banana with almond butter prepares you for that killer spin class better than a handful of Skittles. And, well, so too does a shampoo packed with lipids and antioxidants fuel your hair for a healthier, shinier, stronger mane better than one without.

Post-workout blowouts leaving much to be desired? Well, perhaps it’s because you’re pumping your hair full of the Skittles-equivalent of a pre-blowout snack.

But not any more.

After 15 years of research, P&G scientists have rebuilt Pantene Pro-V’s base shampoos from the ground up with breakthrough active nutrients that (unlike today’s common shampoos that simply coat the surface with conditioning ingredients or leave hair feeling drained of the nutrients it needs) fuel hair’s strength by penetrating into the hair’s core.

The secret: Pantene Pro-V’s breakthrough formulas that work to replenish lost lipids with a unique and patented blend of active and potent lipids and antioxidants – called Gel Network Technology – that are absorbed deep into the core of your strands and, as a result, hair is fueled from the start with strength to endure the stressors it faces day in and day out.

This isn’t just some science mumbo jumbo with barely there results. This is Groundbreaking (yes, with a capital G), with results you’ll see and feel.

As shampoo hits hand you’ll immediately sense that there’s something different: first with the density of the Gel Network Technology and then with the lather’s richness, designed to wrap every strand. As you rinse, you’ll feel the effect: an unparalleled post-shampoo softness that lets you run your fingers through your cleansed, wet hair for effortless detangling even before conditioning (seriously Groundbreaking for those of us who don’t brush our hair as often as we should – #SorryMarciaBrady). And, finally, as you style, you’ll see what all the hype is about: increased shine, softness, and smoothness, all sans-additional steps and without additional products weighing your hair down. Moreover, the results are cumulative, so the more you shampoo, the stronger and healthier your hair gets. This is cleansing that finally gives more than it takes!

To find your favorite Pantene collection with this new Groundbreaking fuel, click here.

This post is brought to you in partnership with Pantene. All opinions are author’s own.

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