Peekaboo Braids: The Braided Headband’s Cooler Sister

Peekaboo Braids: The Cool-Girl’s Way To Rock A Braid

If Rebecca Alexander has her way – and we hope she does – the peekaboo braid will be a big trend moving forward.

We spotted the stealth braided hairstyle while lunching with her at Republic in Union Square last Thursday (before spotting a topless paparazzo, but that’s fodder for a whole different post!) and immediately fell in love on the fresh take on the braided hairstyle headband.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Alexander

The best part: anyone can rock it.

How To DIY A Peekaboo Braid

Just braid a small section of your hair  starting at the nape of your neck. To keep the peekaboo braid intact, skip a chunky hair elastic and instead heavily tease the ends and secure with hairspray – or, at the very least, use Goody’s clear polybands.

Still love the braided headband? Here’s how to do a braided headband easily!

We like to think of this as a non-permanent way to rock the effect of a bold, bright block of color-streaked hair (or full on rainbow tie-dyed hair a la Lauren Conrad back in 2011, which we still sorta love) – just a little pop of rock and roll to make us feel infinitely more chic.

What do you think? Will you rock the peekaboo braided hairstyle (because we will!)?