By Chrissy Callahan

No matter how blessed or cursed you are in the hair department, we all share one common plight: dull, dry, winter hair by the end of the season. Every winter, like clockwork, our tresses (much like our skin) seem to rebel against the winter doldrums, turning our usually luscious locks (well, more luscious anyway) into fried-out, lackluster, foreign strands.

We all know the typical solutions to dry winter hair (conditioning treatments, vacations from heating tools, a little trim), but in the midst of our busy schedules we’re not always so great about keeping to a hair revival schedule. And when a girl wants results, well, she wants them now (without having to forgo her trusted curling iron). So, when we heard of the L’Oréal Professionnel Série Expert Powerdose Deep Treatment at the infamous Roy Teeluck Salon (in his new swanky location, no less), we were there faster than we could throw our hair up in an I-normally-wouldn’t-be-caught-dead-in-this scrunchy. Winter’s whipping wind had done some serious damage to our usually lustrous locks and we were down for a little pampering.

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Before Roy worked his magic on our hair (and we mean magic, ladies, his blowouts are major), we were treated to the Powerdose Deep Treatment by one of his lovely associates. The Powerdose Deep Treatments are professionally formulated to strengthen, nourish, protect, enhance and repair your hair. And, since none of us were born with the same hair nor treat our tresses in the same manner, this spectacular treatment is fully customized to show our locks some seriously personalized love, depending on our individual hair needs.

There are a bunch of different treatment options, ranging from those for color-treated or highlighted hair to dry, damaged or frizzy hair. For our lackluster curls, which were dying for some affectionate TLC, they found just what they were looking for: a smoothing treatment that left our hair shiny, nourished, and full of moisture.

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Post-treatment and blowout, our hair looked better than ever. The Powerdose Deep Treatment gave us great results that lasted and our hair received more than a slew of compliments over the next few days. Needless to say, we’re addicted now and, well, next time the seasons start to change, we’ll be sure to call for an appointment before we get to the I’m-just-going-to-wear-my-hat-indoors stage.

The price of the Powerdose Deep Treatments varies from salon to salon, but you can check out a list of participating salons here. Get moving, ladies, we know your dull wintery locks will thank you!

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