How To DIY Faux Bangs

Get The Look Of Bangs, Without The Commitment

By Courtney Leiva

Fall is practically here and, if you’re looking for a sharp seasonal style, it’s all about the dramatic side swept bang.

Going under the knife (err, scissors), though, is merely optional.

Instead, take note from the Rag & Bone Fall 2013 runway and give faux bangs a try.

Backstage at Rag & Bone Fall 2013, Redken creative consultant Guido said, “creating the low side part and sweeping the hair over the forehead gives the tom-boyish style a feminine feel.” Like a pixie cut, without the commitment  (or need for Beyonce’s bone structure).

To create this irresistible do at home, all you’ll need is a good brush and a few pins according to Celebrity Stylist Lee Rittiner.

“Simply brush your hair to the side creating a deep part and pin the hair back behind the opposite ear. It helps to play around with the chunks of hair to create an unstructured, whispy effect that is delicate, yet carefree.”

To keep faux bangs mod and flat all day long, Rittiner recommends using the Theorie SAGA Touch Digital Flat Iron ($150)  as a finishing tool to keep bangs from becoming a poofy, humidity-prone mess.

“I can adjust the heat in seconds, and it also seals in my styles with a great finish. I like to straighten and even kink some pieces all over my style for the natural bed head fashion. Having the ability to adjust the heat also allows me to lightly style my bangs with the iron just as an insurance policy, but make sure it’s set on a lower degree!”

As Rittiner says, “the faux bang can be done on almost any cut, style and texture!” Leave the rest of your head bead-head-like and go!

Will you give the faux-bang a try?