Recently, Lauren Conrad (fashion designer, reality star and style icon, if you will), debuted rainbow tipped hair and, well, we swooned. With her blonde locks seemingly dipped in an array of Kool-Aid inspired hues ranging from pink and purple to blue, the starlet took her merely pretty tresses from drab (okay, that’s the understatement of the century considering her thick, long, shiny strands…) to fab. And while she may have (less than a week later) colored her hair back to its usual blonde hue (much to our dismay), we’re nevertheless inspired and – thankfully – the punk-inspired look is something we can all pull off (yes, even those of you who work in conservative offices!) since the colorful strands are easily concealed by pulling your hair into a bun, tucking the ends under.

Kristin Ess may have been the Los Angeles-based colorist behind Lauren Conrad’s (tie-)dye job, but this is a look anyone can get at their local salon or even at home.

Ready to take the plunge? If you have blonde hair, get coloring! Separate your strands and apply color just to the ends. While Lauren Conrad went with pink, purple and blue, be creative! Any color works, so stick with your favorites (no need to worry about it flattering your skintone since the ends of your hair won’t be directly next to your face). If you have dark hair, talk with your colorist about lifting the color off the ends of your hair first so that the bright shades show up.

How to color your hair at home!

Rather try a temporary version? If you have light hair, again, it’s easy! Just paint the ends of your hair with temporary color like Milani Color Streaks ($6.99 at select CVS stores). If you have dark hair, though, you can either lighten your ends at the salon and then use a temporary color (although if you hate it you’ll be left with lightened ends that will still need to be dyed back) or you can clip in HairDo’s POP clip-in colored extensions ($8 at a few inches longer than your natural hair length.

5 things to consider before changing your hair! 

Hate it? If you hate the look and went the “ready to take the plunge” route, you can either head to your favorite colorist to dye your locks back to their natural color or call it the perfect excuse for that hair cut you’ve been procrastinating!

3 easy ways to update your hair without a trip to the salon!