How To Reverse Summer Hair Damage: Tips + Tricks To Try!

Reverse Summer Hair Damage With These Tips

By Courtney Leiva

Summer may have you feeling carefree, but your hair’s singing a different tune.

As the temperatures rise, sure, you may be blowdrying your hair less often (thankfully those cold winter days of fearing frozen locks of hair are temporarily behind you!), but that doesn’t mean that the warmer summer months don’t pose their own set of challenges for your lovely locks.

Between the sun, chlorine and salt water (not even to mention the year-round threats to our tresses), our hair is feeling the heat.

To reverse this unwanted toll on our locks, here’s what you need to know to achieve the lush and healthy tresses you desire… and deserve!

4 Ways To Reverse Summer Hair Damage

If you’re a sun goddess… Unlike the chilly winter season, shielding yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays always in the summer always proves to be a big challenge. Although we tend to take care in applying sun protection on our bodies, it’s equally important to give your hair the same love. Well, if you want to prevent summer hair damage anyway! Picking up a hair product with UV protection isn’t hard to find, as lots of products nowadays are including sun shielding agents in their formulas. The Verb Full Body + Weightless Lift Volume Spray ($14) for example, uses sunflower seed extract to provide natural UV protection while guarding against dryness, color fading and brassiness.

If you have your colorist on speed dial… Chemically processing your hair is also a chief cause of hair damage throughout the year. Dyes and chemicals can strip your hair from natural and essential oils, leaving it dried out and prone to breakage. A good at-home hair care routine is important between salon visits, so to keep your hair in tiptop shape. We loved using the Biolage Matrix ExquisiteOil Strengthening Treatment ($22) as it helps build your hair’s resistance to breakage by using a unique Omega-3 complex to fortify fragile internal hair bonds and prevent future damage. Use before shampooing, styling or during conditioning for best results.

If you can’t imagine air-drying your locks… It’s hard to break up with our favorite heat-styling tools during the summer. BUT (yes, all caps) it’s also crucial to give your hair a break. The key: let it air dry once and a while in order to prevent summer hair damage. Frequent use of blowdryers and flat irons can really dry out our hair fast. So, for that much-needed break, the Infusium 23 Miracle Therapy Leave-In-Treatment With Moringa Oil ($6.99) works on wet or dry hair to offer instant protection against styling damage. Leaving no unwanted stickiness or residue onto the hair, use this product whenever you need a pick-me-up.

If chlorine is your drug of choice… If frequent dips in the pool is more your speed, keep your hair shielded from damaging chlorine! It not only affects your color (yikes green hair!), it also causes dryness by stripping the natural oils from your hair. Thankfully, SwimSpray ($9.99) is handy, gently removing chlorine with a special Vitamin C formula. To get all the gunk out, simply rinse your hair, then spray SwimSpray onto your locks. Finally, shower normally with your usual shampoo and conditioner and you’re good to go!

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