DIY Color-Streeked French Braids

Add A Pop Of Color To French Braids With This Runway Hair How To

By Alexis Wolfer

Hair accessories are all the rage. From Kesha’s feather extensions to colored streaks, hair art is taking off where nail art left off (or, well, hasn’t really left off!). And with 70s-inspired, boho-chic style making a serious summer comeback, the beauty look from OddMolly’s Spring/Summer 2011 runway show brilliantly weaves these trends together (literally) with their color-popping French braids that take boho-chic to its rocker edge.

Get DIY nail art fit for summer too!

We talked with Brent Lawler for Phyto to get the step-by-step low-down so you too can get this modern and colorful French braid at home…

1. Apply Phyto Professional Intense Volume Mousse ($28) throughout hair and blow dry, for added texture and a natural finish to hair.

2. Spray Phyto Volume Actif ($28) to the root for volume.

3. Glue in colored hair extensions (any color will do, although at OddMolly they used “dusty” colors) at regular 2-inch intervals along the sides and crown of the head – or use Streekers to paint pre-lightened strands in the color of your choice (they wash out with shampoo)!

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4. French-braid your hair, starting at the middle of the side of the head, near the face, bringing in the colored extensions little by little.

5. Leave wisps of hair and color at the end of the braid, for a modern and colorful finish.

6. Finish off the look with Phyto Professional Glossing Cream ($24) for extra shine.

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