How To Save Damaged Hair (Without Cutting It!)

Have Damaged Hair? Do This!

Damaged hair looking dry and frizzy, and, well, screaming for a cut?

Step away from the scissors.

Well, sure, you can chop it off if you want to, but you don’t have to. Instead, repair your damaged hair with these tips.

1.  Stop Brushing Wet Hair.

Your hair is damn fragile when it’s wet, making it far more prone to breakage (which your color-treated or heat-styled hair is already more prone to) – and really, it’s the breakage (not the actual damage) that we’re trying to fix here in our quest to avoid a major chop. Have tangles? Brush your hair, when it’s dry, before getting in the shower. Then just let it dry (or blow dry it sans-brush or comb).

2.  Get Down With Olaplex

There’s a reason every top hair colorist (fine, maybe just Tracey Cunningham, but she’s a freakin’ genius so you should listen to her!) uses Olaplex: because it actually repairs hair damage – rather than merely concealing it! So, move over deep conditioning masks (or just put ’em on the back-burner) because unlike your masks that temporarily hydrate damaged hair (making it appear healthier), Olaplex actually rebuilds the broken bonds in your hair shaft to literally repair it.

3.  Brush Dry Hair, Marsha Brady Style.

Invest in a boar-bristle Mason Pearson brush and brush your hair from scalp to ends nightly (dry hair only, per tip #1, of course!). The natural oils your scalp produces are actually the exact formula of hair repairing and protecting oils best suited for your hair. The problem is that all too often we shampoo those oils away instead of helping them migrate down the hair shaft to the ends were we need them most. Brush nightly, though, and you’ll be doing just that!

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