Save Water, Mother Earth, + Your Hair With Pantene

Pantene Introduces The ShowerGlass Limited Edition to Help SoCal Residents Conserve Water

If you live in California (like me!), you know all too well about the serious state of the drought up in here.

For those of you not in what I think should be called the sunshine state (sorry, Florida!), let me lay it out for you: California days are largely dry, sunny, and, well, pretty damn perfect if you’re looking for year-round beach days and humidity-free good hair days.

If you’re Mother Earth, though, you probably beg to differ.

According to (yup, you know it’s serious where there’s an entire website dedicated to this sitch!), even with the recent drizzle (native Californians call it “rain,” but growing up in the northeast, I know better than to call precipitation that barely required windshield wipers rain!),“43% of the state is still experiencing extreme-to-exceptional drought.”

Even our freeway signs (you know, the ones that usually indicate heavy traffic up head or announce an Amber Alert) tell us to save water.

And this has far reaching consequences, not just for our formerly green lawns, but also for our diets since the vast majority of fruit, vegetables, and nuts in the US come from the “Golden State” (though I stick by my instinct to call Cali the sunshine state!).

Bottom line: water conservation is essential and key to preserving so much of what makes the California so beautiful.

Sure, some people are getting serious about skipping the car washes and turning off the sprinklers (some places actually ban the latter), but for those of us looking to do more, from the comforts of our own homes, cutting down on our shower times can have a profound impact since showers account for nearly 17% of all household water usage and last, on average, about 10 minutes. And, according to The Association of California Water Agencies and The California Department of Water Resources’ website,, taking a 5 minute shower instead of a 10 minute shower can save Mama Earth between 12.5 and 25 gallons of water per shower!

But no, you don’t need to skip the post-workout scrub down or skimp out on washing your hair.

Instead, Pantene has introduced a new and innovative packaging design – called The ShowerGlass Limited Edition – to its 12.6 OZ shampoos, as well as technology in its shampoos and conditioners, to help us all take shorter showers.

The secret is two-fold. First, a brilliant five-minute glass timer designed to help us clean and condition our hair faster. Simply flip over the shampoo bottle with the ShowerGlass to indicate when you should end your shower. Second, an innovative formulation designed to help us wash our hair quickly with shampoo that lathers quickly and rinses out immediately, and conditioner that spreads easily across hair and instantly rinses out, for a silky, smooth feel.

To join Pantene in saving the planet, you can get the new ShowerGlass Limited Edition shampoo and conditioner at Vons stores in the LA area to help drive awareness for water conservation and encourage Southern California residents to save water by taking shorter showers.

California thanks you!

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