SheaMoisture Launches Empowering Hair Movement

Hair Care Brand SheaMoisture Launches ‘What’s Normal?’ Campaign

If we’re passionate about anything here at TheBeautyBean, it’s about challenging and changing beauty standards. (It’s why we launched an empowering women’s lifestyle site to begin with, and Makeup Free Mondays!)

So when we heard that SheaMoisture was launching the part two of their #BreakTheWalls campaign, “What’s Normal?” – a campaign that challenges the beauty industry’s concept of standardized ideals, specifically what is normal in beauty, as it pertains to hair type, texture and style – we couldn’t type a 💁🏻 💁🏼 💁🏽 💁🏾 💁🏿  fast enough!

SheaMoisture Encourages Hair Confidence

To launch the campaign, SheaMoisture developed a moving video, assembling prominent beauty vloggers and everyday women to secure their perspectives on what is considered normal in beauty. Several of the women featured in the video have made headlines for defending their hair in the workplace, including Jasmine Jacobs, a member of the U.S. military who petitioned the U.S. military to change its policy banning natural hairstyles, and Rhonda Lee, a local ABC meteorologist who was fired for responding to a comment about her natural hair.

The goal: as founder and CEO, Richelieu Dennis put it, “to spark meaningful conversation and action towards true inclusion and a more empathetic mindset in the beauty industry.”

If you’re also anxiously awaiting the day we can roll into our corporate America jobs, with our hair let down in all its natural glory, makeup optional and be seen for what we bring to the table – not how we look sitting at it, well, this is for you!

Click here to watch the video!

Want A Hair Care Regimen Tailored To YOUR Normal?

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but all of us have hair that’s uniquely ours, from its texture and length to how it shows the effects of humidity and how easily it’s styled. Yet all too often hair care brands cater to a few very specific hair types, not only leaving out the vast majority of women, but also implying that our hair isn’t “beautiful” or “normal” because it doesn’t adhere to these incredibly-limited ideals.

But not SheaMoisture. This is a brand that offers more than 150 hair care products to meet individual needs, based on type, texture, condition and style, and has partnered with retailers to introduce this problem-solution approach to the industry!

SheaMoisture is taking their individualized and empowering approach to the next level! Not only is SheaMoisture trying to expand the definition of beautiful hair, they’re also helping us all to find our best hair care routine with their first-of-its-kind hair recognition tool – “Good Hair Day.”

Upload a picture and the tool will automatically identify your hair type and/or style. Three simple steps later, and you’ll get a personalized hair care regimen tailored to your specific hair!

No more trying to straighten/color/curl your hair to be “beautiful” – instead, it’s all about embracing what you have!

So what is normal? Well, when it comes to beauty, we know the answer: there’s no such thing!

Brought to you by SheaMoisture

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