By Becca Gregg

Though we long for our blowouts, let’s be honest here… we women are pretty picky when it comes to our manes! After all, we like our locks smooth. But of course, not flat. Straight, yet not helmet hair. And, shiny, but never greasy! We long for body and movement, yet waste precious moments of our lives taming with hairspray, pomade and everything in between to achieve that perfect look (in our minds, at least).

When it comes down to it though, unless you’ve been blessed with supernatural styling skills (or, are a professional), the majority of the time, our battle with the round brush, dryer and flat iron can be described as uphill, at best.

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Enter G-San, the man the brand-new state of the art hair straightening process – the Japzilian.

It has been said that the Japanese straightening system and Brazilian straightening system are both independently “life changing.” But, when combined, they exceed the term. Available exclusively at the Joseph Martin Salon on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, the Japzilian blends the best elements of both Japanese and Brazilian straightening systems to transform hair into silky, smooth perfection with both definition and body.

As part of the process, the Japanese method is first applied to achieve uniformity in texture, since hair is often curlier in the back and straighter in front or on top. Following the Japanese step in the process, the Brazilian method is then applied, working to restore hair to a glossy, full-bodied condition with its deep-conditioning keratin benefits.

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When used alone, both Japanese and Brazilian straightening systems have their drawbacks. For starters, G-San explains, Japzilians can last five months longer than Brazilian straightening alone. The Japanese straightening system, when used by itself, can dry out hair and leave it flat, with little body and volume. On the contrary, the Brazilian straightening system doesn’t always get the curliest or denser parts of your hair smooth and easily manageable. However, when used together, the Japanese system irons out all the kinky, hard to manage sections of hair (such as the back near the nape of the neck and by the ears) while the Brazilian makes hair smooth, soft and voluminous. And for all you ladies who color your hair, don’t you worry: it’s perfectly safe on colored or processed hair!

Though the Japzilian is a bit of a splurge – OK, a big splurge since the Japzilian runs in the ballpark of $500, depending on length and density of hair and requires a minimum of three hours – we may nevertheless just have to get our locks in on the Japzilian the next time we make our way to Beverly Hills. Here’s to hoping G-San expends nation-wide first, though. (Especially because travel expenses are not part of the deal.)

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