Top Knot Hair Updo: How To Get Runway Looks That Will Keep You Cool

By Hannah Young

They may have graced the Fall 2010 shows in the dozens, but the top-knot has become a staple look for summer. If, like us, (both in NY and over here in the UK,) you are suffering from the humid conditions that lead to drastic hair frizz (yes, that dreaded word), this look is not only going to change your life, but is the only answer to fight the frizz, whilst staying way ahead of the trends.

So, what exactly is this look? Worn prim and proper or loose and messy, the high knot on top of the head is the new, modern twist on the old school favourite: the bun. The higher, the better, well, for a statement look anyway. And although its been adapted by red carpet starlets, its one of the easiest and most effective hairstyles when time-saving (and sweat-preventing) is a priority during these sizzling months.

Get the Runway Look at Home:

Start off with one-day-washed hair (it makes the style more manageable).

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For a messier knot, such as those seen at the spring 2010 runway shows of Lanvin and Richard Nicholl, volume is key. Tap into you inner 80s chic and start teasing/backcombing with lots of hairspray to give your locks for more lift and texture. Fasten the hair into a ponytail and sweep it around the elastic band, securing it loosely with bobby pins. The look will feel bouncy and loose. (You could even let a few tendrils of hair hang loose to soften the face.)

If you’re opting for the statement knot, like the sleek top-knot as see at Marc Jacobs, brush the hair neatly into a sleek ponytail (click here for tips on getting the sleek ponytail perfectly!). This time, twist the hair tightly around itself into a taut knot and secure with pins, as before.

Another trend we’re taking from the Marc Jacobs runway!

From work to dinner to the bar to the club, you can go anywhere with this look. It works dressed up or down. And, because this is a face exposing style, it shows off a clean, sun kissed face as well as it shows off a bright red lip and dramatic eyeliner. Plus, it’s easy to do and effective all at the same time. So, if you’re like us and have attempted to reach for the kitchen scissors to cut your long locks off when tackling the heat and frizz, put the scissors down and invest in some bobby pins to create this great, cooling look!

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