Winter Hair Care Tips: How To Weather-Proof Your Lovely Locks

5 Winter Hair Tips

By Becca Gregg

With snowflakes in the air and Jack Frost nipping at our noses, it’s understandable if your beauty routine has taken somewhat of a beating in the past few weeks. After all, we’ve all been a bit distracted this month.

From holiday shopping to wrapping gifts, salting our driveways, baking and then working out extra hard (to combat the aforementioned baking), many of us can sum up the month of December in a single word: preparation.

While we focus our energy on prepping for looming holidays though, many of us tend to neglect one important part of our daily beauty routine: our hair. As the temperatures drop, an extra dose of TLC  and a little prep becomes necessary to maintain our luscious locks.

Luckily though, winterizing your hair can be as simple as switching up your shampoo and conditioner, says hair stylist to the stars, Allen Edwards.

To ensure that all of us maintain our gorgeous strands this winter, we spoke to a few hair care pros who offered up the following tips:

Switch Shampoo + Conditioner

To keep hair moisturized and avoid split ends and dullness, use a sulfite-free shampoo and switch to a heavier, creamier deep conditioner. Not sure what to look for in a conditioner? Edwards recommends that we stock up on one that’s water-based and includes protein. Also, look for natural oils— such as coconut or olive oil – to protect your hair and avoid ingredients like petrolatum, mineral oil or lanolin.

Deep Condition

All the pros we know recommend that we deep condition at least twice a week during winter and use a leave-in conditioner in between. Try Edwards’s own product, Shear Force Deep Thermal Treatment ($25), or Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer ($45), a celeb favorite! While deep conditioning, wrap your hair in a shower cap (or even a plastic bag!) and let the conditioner sit on your winter hair at least 15 minutes to allow the conditioner to fully penetrate your locks.


When you can, air-dry your tired tresses! If you’re not freezing post-shower, Nicholas Penna, Jr., owner and lead stylist of SalonCapri, says to try to let your hair air dry either completely or at least a bit before blowing it completely dry. The less hot air you infuse into your locks, the more moisture you’ll seal in.

Get A Treatment

Butterfly Studio Salon owner, Kattia Solano, tell us that in-salon treatments, like the Kerastase Chronologiste Treatment ($35-$60 at, can do the trick for those of us seriously suffering from the winter hair blues. It’s not only great for all hair types, but also targets different parts of your hair with a balance of moisture for hydration and protein for strength.

Mix A Cocktail

For added shine, try mixing a cocktail – of winter hair products, that is! Just because your products come pre-packaged doesn’t mean they can’t be combined for added effects! If your ends are particularly dry, add a dab of Moroccan Oil ($39) to your usual styling routine. Or combine Shear Force Straightening Cream ($21) with Shear Force Polishing Serum ($18) and apply to your tresses after washing.

Voila! Sleek, healthy and manageable winter hair … Merry Christmas to us, indeed.

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