Old Foundation Is Gross. Here’s Why.

Summer’s tan fully faded?

As the seasons change, so does our skin tone and, consequently, our ideal makeup shades.

But before you reach for last winter’s foundation, think again…

For 2 reasons!

The Gross Factor

According to scientists at London Metropolitan University, old cosmetics can contain unsafe levels of potentially lethal bacterial! So toss that year-old foundation!

Hate wasting? You’re not alone. And, thankfully, you don’t have to. Check out Stowaway Cosmetics, which makes all ‘right-sized’ cosmetics you’ll use up each season.

The Color Matching Factor

Sure, your skin tone may appear to be the same as it was last winter, but cumulative sun damage, climate fluctuations, lifestyle adjustments, and even dietary changes can all affect your current skin tone. Instead of making do with the color you have, you can get a fully customized foundation each season with MATCHCo, a brand new company that uses patented technology to take thousands of pictures of your skin (using your phone!) and then to custom blend a foundation just for you! In just a few minutes of picture snapping (strong selfie game not required!), the app is able to determine your exact skin tone (it doesn’t merely match you to an existing product that’s closest to your skin tone) and ship you off your own personalized foundation. It’s pretty rad and ensures your foundation really does match. No giveaway chin lines here!

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