6 Foundation Mistakes You’re Probably Making

6 Common Foundation Mistakes

You wear foundation because you want to skin to look flawless – yet too many of us fall prey to one of these 6 common foundation mistakes that leave us with a less than perfect complexion.

Here’s what you need to know to ensure your makeup is on point.

Foundation Mistakes You’re Probably Making

You’re Matching It Too Perfectly.
Think the perfect match is the one that’s exactly your skin tone? It may not be! If you’re someone who finds that foundation makes you look ashy, it’s likely because the shade is actually too close to your skin tone and or too pink. Instead, look for a shade warmer (think more golden) and a hair darker than your natural skin tone for a more flawless finish.

You Only Own One.
Unlike the rest of your makeup that can easily adapt to your changing skin tone throughout the year, foundation needs to be swamped out or mixed more often than not. Spent your lunch break outside? Tomorrow your go-to shade may be too light. Bought your current favorite in August? In February you likely need a lighter shade. To ensure you’re always covered, keep at least 2 (but ideally 3) consecutive shades on hand.

You’re Using The Wrong Coverage Level.
Sure, you want a flawless complexion, but unless you’re a beauty pro full coverage foundation is probably a bad idea. Instead, stick with a sheer, buildable formula. Full coverage shades conceal the natural differences in our skin tone (like the slighter darker hue on the tops of our foreheads from natural sun or lighter areas like our jaw lines), leaving us looking flat. Instead, use a sheer coverage foundation and then use concealer to further conceal any imperfections, as needed.

You’re Using The Wrong Consistency. 
If you have dry skin, look for hydrating liquid formulas (dry powders or a matte finish liquid or cream can settle on your dry skin enhancing the dullness and flakiness). Have oily skin? Look for pressed formulas or powders with a matte finish or oil-control (liquid foundations can look too wet or fail to absorb into oily skin).

You’re Applying It All Over.
Nothing makes you look like you’re wearing a whole lot of makeup than, well, wearing a whole lot of makeup! Instead of applying your foundation from forehead to chin, with abandon, apply it strategically to the areas where you want the most coverage and then blend it out to the remainder of your face for a more natural effect. Remember: less is more.

You’re Using A Brush Or Sponge.
Sure, your foundation may come with an applicator, but that doesn’t mean you need to use it. Instead, try applying your foundation with your (CLEAN!) hands. The warmth of your hands will help to soften the formula and help it to blend more easily and naturally.

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