8 Genius Uses For Lip Balm

Beauty Hacks: 8 Lip Balm Uses You’re Missing Out On!

Have a pocketbook full of lip balm and just use them on your lips?

Oh, girl, have we got something for you! Eight somethings, to be exact!

There is oh, so much more you can do with all those lipsticks, chapsticks, balms you’ve been collecting all these years!

8 Genius Lip Balm Hacks

To Prevent Blisters.
Have a spot rubbing on your shoe and feel a blister bound to erupt? Apply some lip balm to the area so your shoe can slide right on over it.

To Tame Fly-Aways.
Frizzy hair got you down? Apply a bit of lip balm to your palms, rub your hands together, and gently smooth over your hair to instantly keep frizz and fly-aways at bay.

To Conceal Split Ends.
Ends of your hair looking dry and damaged? Nothing a bit of chapstick can’t fix! Just apply a bit to your finger tips and sparingly apply to the ends of your hair for healthier looking ends.

To Remove Eye Makeup.
Use an unflavored, non-menthol balm to easily remove stubborn waterproof eye makeup (especially those pesky waterproof mascara smudges). Just rub a Q-tip into your lip balm and use as you would any makeup remover!

To DIY A Luminizer.
Love the look of dewy skin? Let your lip balm help you achieve it! Just dab a bit on your cheekbones, brown bones, and right above your upper lip to add luminosity. Just be careful to use a non-pore clogging formula if you’re prone to breakouts.

To Turn Lipstick Into Creme Blush.
Transform any lipstick into a creamy blush by diluting it with a clear lip balm and gently rubbing it into your skin. Again, organic formulas are best to prevent breakouts!

To Make Eyes Glossy.
Craving the glossy eye makeup trend? Mix a bit of your favorite eye shadow with a bit of clear chapstick or balm to take your eyeshadow high shine!

To Heal Cuticles.
No need to spend the money on a cuticle cream. Instead, use your lip balm!

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