How To Apply Fake Eyelashes + More!

Everything You Need To Know About Fake Eyelashes

Want to take your look to the next level for a special occasion?

It’s all about fake eyelashes!

Figuring out how, exactly, to apply faux hair and glue to your eyes though, is, well, about as complicated as that sounds. All of which is to say: don’t you worry, we turned to Courtney Buhler, CEO and Founder of Sugarlash (an eyelash extension brand) and an award-winning lash artist, for the professional scoop on applying fake eyelashes at home.

Fake Lashes or Lash Extensions?

While lash extensions are long lasting, applied by a pro, and more of a financial investment (more on that coming soon from Courtney too!), fake lashes are ideal for a night on the town, when you want to apply them yourself, and you’re not looking to spend much money in the process.

Strips or Clusters?

The choice between eyelash strips (which, like they sound, are a strip of lashes adhered along your lash line with a weak glue) or clusters (otherwise called flares or tabs that come in bundles of 5-7 lashes and are also applied with a weak glue), largely comes down to preference. And fine motor skills! The key here: weak glue! “There is a serious problem however, with women having these applied with semi-permanent eyelash extension adhesive that lasts weeks. This is damaging for natural lashes as they are caked in adhesive, and natural lashes cannot grow in and shed as needed,” explains Courtney.

So, How Do You Apply Fake Lashes?

According to Courtney, this is your 6-step process!

  1. First, complete your makeup look. False lashes should be applied last. (Yes, apply eyeliner and mascara too!)
  2. In the event you’re not wearing other makeup, curl your lashes and apply mascara (they’ll blend better with the falsies!).
  3. Wrap the false lash around your finger to give it a nice curved shape. This makes them easier to apply.
  4. Measure the false lash on your eye and cut it to the desired length.
  5. Put a thin band of false lash adhesive glue across of the entire band of lashes. Let it dry so it’s tacky (about 20-30 seconds).
  6. Place the fake lashes onto your eye with your fingers or with dull tweezers (think eyebrow hair tweezers). Pressing the band along your lash line and paying special attention to the inner and outer corners until the lash sets in place.

But Wait! Are Fake Lashes Bad For My Natural Lashes? (AKA: Will My Lashes Fall Out?!)

“If women wear fake eyelashes daily it will most likely cause damage to their lash line. This is because the lash adhesive seeps into their lash line and grabs their baby lashes. When removed and peeled off at the end of the day it usually pulls some lashes out and stresses the other lashes,” explains Courtney. Bottom line: “If you’re going to wear fake eyelashes on a regular basis, try and limit yourself to once a week, and instead of peeling them off, soak them off with oil or warm water so the natural lashes aren’t tugged,” suggests Courtney.

Now, bat those lashes, beauty!

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