Plump Lips + Whiten Teeth with Vaseline + Blue Eyeshadow

Beauty Quick Tip: Mix Vaseline + Blue Eyeshadow… An Dab It To Your Lips!

Yes, your lips!

If you want your lips to look fuller and your teeth to look whiter, try this trick using blue eyeshadow and Vaseline!

In a small dish (or even a bottle cap!), use a q-tip to mix a small amount of Vaseline with the darker shade in the Dolce & Gabbana The Eye Shadow Duo in Sky 170. Dab a small amount to the center of your lips.

The sheer blue hue will not only add depth to any lipstick, but also will  make your teeth look whiter.

While you’re at it, use an eyeliner brush to mix a bit of water with your blue eyeshadow to make a brilliantly blue liquid eyeliner too!