Bleached Eyebrows: How To Brighten Your Brows

Should You Bleach Your Brows?

By Sierra Fromberg

These days, it seems to be all about the brows. Dark, light, thick, thin, it’s hard for us ladies to keep up. I myself have gone thru two very distinct brow phases. The first was in high school when I worshipped Drew Barrymore. (No joke, the name on my I-hope-my-dad-isn’t-reading-this-fake-ID was Drew Fromberg.) While worshipping Drew Barrymore today wouldn’t be so bad (she is, after all, the face of CoverGirl), my obsession came back in the day when Drew was rocking her super thin do.  And by “do,” I mean “brow.” Naturally, I followed suit, making my friend pluck until I looked like a grungy Jean Harlow. I kept the look going well past college – my obsession with Drew Barrymore may have faded, but those brows had serious staying power. Even when it seemed as if my hair color would change as often as the weather, my brows maintained their slimness without a second’s thought…until recently.

Hair coloring tips from the pros!

Let me backtrack just a bit… just as I was once infatuated with Drew Barrymore and her thin brows, I have always been fixated on bleach blond hair. I complain to anyone who will listen that the “man upstairs,” if you will, made a mistake when he made me brunette.  Not that I have anything against brown haired beauties. Hell, my bestie has the most gorgeous shiny Breck-Girl brown hair ever. But me, not so much.  It’s as if the Universe wanted to play a cruel joke on me. I started out life with the most perfectly sun-kissed locks, until one day those baby hairs went dark. How unfair!! Now I torture my big gay brother and amazingly awesome hair artiste Michael Angelo (of Michael Angelo’s Wonderland Beauty Parlor) with the task of trying to get those suckers as light as they’ll go without falling out (and, believe me, we walk a very fine line).

So, back to a few months ago… I was at Wonderland, having my color done, when I had an epiphany: why am I only paying attention to the hair on my head?  Don’t my brows deserve some love as well? How neglectful I’ve been!

Eyebrow tips from celebrity brow guru!

Well, ask and you shall receive. With one tiny swipe of bleach, suddenly I transformed my entire face. I felt liberated and somehow lighter (no pun intended). For the first few weeks, people couldn’t quite figure out what had changed. But, when I raised a brow, they were amazed at the difference. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then I guess you could say the brows are the curtains, and bleaching mine opened those drapes wide and let the sun shine in (or out, as the case may be).

But don’t just take my word for it. Valentino’s Spring 2011 runway models were all bleached brow beauties. And Jason Wu’s Fall 2011 runway show was too! Still not convinced, just ask hair guru Michael Angelo. He says “I love the way a bleached brow brings beauty into a more abstract space and how it makes a face look otherworldly and super exotic.” Would I describe myself as super exotic?  Not quite. But I do so love the idea of making my face more abstract and otherworldly. Style goes beyond the clothing we put on our bodies, and this little change has helped me further define mine. Bonus – I didn’t even have to go to a store and buy a dress!

Another artistic trend we love!

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