Brow Tips: Celebrity Brow Guru Shows Us How to Get Gorgeous Brows at Home

By Jillian Fleischman

Let’s face it; cleanly shaped eyebrows can dramatically change a person’s face. (Recall Ugly Betty’s brows when the show first started and what they look like now!) Think how many times you’ve looked in the mirror post-brow fix and commented how much better you looked. But what happens when the person you regularly see is booked, or you put your delicate brows into the hands of someone you’ve never used before and things go wrong? Eyebrow and Makeup Specialist Kristie Streicher, who splits her time between Warren Tricomi New YorkWarren Tricomi Los Angeles and the homes of her celebrity clientele, gave The Beauty Bean some insider tips for making your brows look great from home.

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Don’t be a slave to your tweezers!
Streicher says that waiting at least 3 weeks between shaping is ideal. “This puts the hair on the same growth cycle rather than tweezing everyday, which creates the need to keep tweezing.” See your trusted specialist every 6-8 weeks, and clean them up yourself halfway through. “Your brows will be on the same growth cycle, and always look clean and groomed,” she says.

Patience is key
It’s common to overdo it with the tweezers, and we at The Beauty Bean know how difficult it can be to wait for those brows to grow back in. Streicher acknowledges that you may look a little unkept for a few weeks, but letting go of the tweezers is totally worth the end result. And she’s got a tip to make the newly grown hairs not so noticeable: “Use a little concealer the same color as your skin tone to cover the hairs, as well as tinted brow gel or brow pencil and powder to define and fill in. The attention will be on the eyebrow itself and not the growth underneath.”

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Color corrected
Want to add a little color to your brows, or tone them down a bit? Streicher says that brow gels work best on brows that are not thick or unruly. If you’ve got eyebrows that are thinner, use a powder or pencil with low oil to fill them in. “Be sure to use a fine, sharp tipped and slanted brush with your powder as well as a fine tipped pencil to create hair like strokes on the brow,” she says. “You also want to make sure the tone and depth of the pencil and powder is accurate with your hair color.”

Streicher’s expert tip: Always go a shade or two lighter than your hair color. Warmer blondes and redheads should go for a warm brown. Brunettes and blondes on the ashier side, make sure you don’t choose a pencil too dark!

Recovery Mode
If you get a bad brow job, Streicher suggests several growth products that are currently on the market. She’s seen results with both Latisse and Men’s Rogaine. “The Rogaine is an easy, no fail, slightly inexpensive option compared to Latisse and doesn’t require a prescription, she says.” But you’ll have to wait a while to see what you’re used to. “It takes 6 months for every hair on the brow to fill back in.” Streicher says. If you’re having trouble waiting, though, she suggests “getting a pencil and drawing a brow because having something there to frame the eyes and face is better than nothing. I always say, fake it till you make it!”

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