Move over powder eyeshadow, there’s a new player in town –one we’re breaking up with your for – it’s cream eye shadow and we’re in love. While cream eye shadows often get a bad rap for their creasing, new technology has changed the way cream shadows sit and wear, making them not only more wearable than their predecessors, but also even more wearable than their powdery counterparts! Still not convinced, they’re even easier to apply than powder eyeshadows – meaning you can apply them on the go, with your fingers, without fear of messing anything up!

Ready to get creamed? Try one of these 3 that we’re loving now..

Clinique Lid Smoothie Antioxidant 8-Hour Eye Color ($19.50 at is a brand new antioxidant blend that includes extracts of vitamin E, broccoli, carrot, blueberry and spinach for anti-aging benefits on the go. Add in some cucumber, aloe and caffeine, which collectively work to instantly refresh tired eyes, and collagen to smooth skin texture and, well, who even needs color?! But color this has! Available in 12 colors ranging from neutral to bold, this cream shadow blends beautifully, leaves you with velvety color for a full 8 hours and nourished your eyes in the most beautiful of ways. Plus, the shimmery formulas go on perfectly sheer making this literally fool proof!

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Jane Iredale Eye Gloss ($15.50 at goes on, well, like a gloss! With a wand reminiscent of that in your go-to lip-gloss, this cream eyeshadow takes beauty on the go to a whole new level. No need even to get your fingers dirty, (if you can even call gorgeously shimmery finger tips “dirty,”) since this wand allows you to apply and blend all at the same time. The long-wear formula goes on weightlessly and lasts, without creasing or smearing throughout the day. With a slightly more buildable wear than Clinique Lid Smoothie Antioxidant 8-Hour Eye Color, this is the perfect cream eyeshadow for those of you looking for bolder look.

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By Terry Ombre Blackstar “Color-Fix” Cream Eyeshadow ($42.50 at
If “drama” is your middle name, this cream shadow stick is for you. With its saturated pigment and waterproof formula, this is the perfect pick for all of you looking to create a smoky eye or otherwise glam look. The buildable formula, with its smoothing black pearl extract, goes on smoothly and shimmery and dries to a smooth, long-lasting finish. Just be sure to blend it immediately if you want to smudge it out, because once it dries, it sets! Even better, the narrow pencil like applicator allows you to apply this like an eye liner too.

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