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Mary Kay Launches New Website, Embraces Sisterhood


It’s not often we cover new website launches because, well, there aren’t all that many websites out there that share TheBeautyBean’s overarching mission to empower.

Mary Kay’s new microsite,, is one of those rare gems of a beauty website that’s all about girl power, sisterhood, inspiration, love, and fun. They’re on a mission to create a movement around discovering what you love through their unique digital experience where visitors are engaged to share the process of discovering what they love with their sisters (which we all know are more than related!).

It’s about connection, shared experience, discovery, and love.

It’s about following your dreams, and finding a community of sisters who support that.

It’s about beauty. Inside and out.

It’s about finding new beauty products, learning new beauty tips, trying new things.

Like Mary Kay’s roots in women’s entrepreneurship, is all about encouraging, empowering, and inspiring you to live your most beautiful life.

And, well, this is something TheBeautyBean can firmly stand behind.

Visit, it’s unlike any other beauty brand’s website you’ve seen.

MaryKay_Discover-What-You-Love-Quote-Within Yourself

But don’t stop there. Get involved.

Become a part of the sisterhood and join Mary Kay’s #SisterSaturday, the official day of having fun with your friends and spend your Saturdays with your community of sisters. Go to yoga, have a yummy brunch, take a walk outside, or whatever else it is you love to do with your girlfriends. Take a picture, use the #SisterSaturday hashtag, and own the day.

Because, well, #WeAreSisters – and trust us when we say that the world is a better, more beautiful place when women stick together (and, heck, a new lip gloss never hurt anyone either!).


To discover more for yourself, visit

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