Does Lipstick Expire?

Yes, Yes It Does. Here’s What You Need To Know About Expiring Lipstick…

Apt to find a lipstick in a purse you haven’t used in, oh, we donno, 3 years, and immediately relish in the luck of this find before swiping it on your lips?

Yeah, you’re gonna wanna rethink that…

Turns out an old lipstick isn’t just likely to be dried out and less easy to apply, it’s also more likely to harbor bacteria which can give you a nasty rash or irritation and even make you sick.

While an unopened, un-usued lipstick can stay good on a shelf for a few years, once that baby’s popped open and exposed to the air and the bacteria on your lips, the clock starts ticking and at one year it’s time for that baby to be tossed to the curb.

We know, we know. It’s sad. And unless you’re one of the few women out there with a signature lipstick that you reapply religiously, you probably don’t make your way through a whole lipstick before the expiration clock expires.

But all is not lost.

How To Make Lipstick Last Longer (Without Being Gross)

First, you can try buying smaller lipsticks that won’t last as long – and you won’t feel as wasteful tossing after 12 months. (Check out Stowaway Cosmetics which makes mini makeup just for this reasons! Well, also for ease of traveling, but we’re mostly pumped about the not wasting and not using expired makeup, so cheers to that!)

Second, when you buy a lipstick, before ever using it, you can chop it up in 4-5 pieces and place them in air tight lip gloss pots. While this won’t let your lipstick last forever (and makes application a tad bit more annoying), it will extend the shelf-life – especially if you keep the unused portions in the fridge until they’re needed.

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