Eye Makeup Tips: Celebrity Makeup Artist Joanna Schlip Shares Her Secrets

Eye makeup can be intimidating for even the most cosmetic savvy of us. Under eye concealer has a tendency to cake up, that smoky eye can all too quickly become raccoon-like and sometimes beauty blunders get the best of even the most well intentioned among us! To help us tackle all things eyes, we turned to Joanna Schlip, Celebrity Makeup Artist for Physicians Formula, to answer all our questions.

No matter how late we stayed up, we don’t need the world (aka our boss) knowing we partied the night away last night! How do we cover up those under-eye circles to look bright eyed for the day ahead?

For redness, first try eye drops. Tea bags over the eyes can also help. Sometimes it’s also the inner wetline that is red, so try a navy eyeliner as it has a way of brightening the eyes. For under-eye circles, start with color correction first. For dark undertones, use yellow to cancel out the blue/purple tones of those pesky under-eye circles. For redness around the eye, use a green concealer. Then, find a concealer that is one to two shades lighter than your foundation for use over the yellow or green. Also, it’s important to apply makeup in a fluorescent light and check your makeup all throughout the day in different lights to ensure you have the right shade. This applies to all make up, but especially concealer.

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Under eye concealer sometimes cakes, what can we do to prevent the wrinkle-enhancing effect (which no one wants!)?

Primers are great for smoothing out the skin, creating a more even platform for makeup application, before you apply concealer. After applying concealer, dust powder on the under eye area to set concealer and prevent creases.

Is there an order in which we should be applying our eye makeup?

Start with concealer or an eyeshadow primer on top of the lid as primer. For color, start with the darkest color near lash line, then work towards the crease and quickly blend together. Follow with highlighter color on the lid and brow bone. Curl lashes and apply two coats of mascara on the top and bottom.

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What are some common eye makeup mistakes women make, or things we should try?

A common mistake is that women think ‘evening’ means ‘darker’ – they overdo color, but that ages you. Also, sparse brows age you! I would also encourage women to move beyond basic black eye liner. Try browns and purples, which accentuate your eye color. And, instead of drawing a straight line, smudge it out to create the illusion of thicker lashes. As for mascara, try jewel colors that bring out your eye color and keep your flirty flutter up to date!

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