Eyebrow Shape Out Of Control? Here’s How To Fake It

Whether you’re trying to grow in over-plucked eyebrows or just can’t squeeze an appointment with your favorite brow gal and your brow shape is out of control, brow guru Kelley Baker knows how to fix it – and no, she doesn’t suggest you DIY it.

(Put down the tweezers. Do. Not. DIY. It!)

Sure, first on your to do list should be to make an appointment with a trusted brow shaping expert (if you’re in LA, hit up Kelley Baker Brows in Venice, CA at 310-314-BROW – she’s responsible for the gorgeous brows seen on Jaime Pressly, Mandy Moore, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, Vanessa Williams, Nia Long and more!) – but next up on that to do list of yours should be to fake it with Kelley Baker Brows’ Highlighter Pencil and Highlighter Smudge Brush ($20 each).

With just enough coverage to conceal unsightly hair (but with a sheer enough consistency to work on any skintone) and with just enough shimmer to distract (without looking like you spent the morning at Studio54), Kelley Baker Brows Highlighter Pencil is the one must-have eyebrow-saving product every woman needs in her makeup bag. Paired with the smudge brush for precise application and your brows will never have looked better (well, except for when you leave Baker’s Venice brow bar, but that’s a no brainer).

As an added bonus, dab the highligher on the inner corners of your eyes – or just dab any excess on your smudge brush there – to brighten sleepy peepers too!

Not that we’re suggestion you skip your next brow shaping appointment (your eyebrows are, afterall, the frame of your face) but, with this, you probably can!