Faux lashes can instantly glam up any look. You see them on celebrities, know they can transform even the most mundane look and you want them. So, you head to the drugstore, pick up a set and – uh – then what?! Glue on our eyelids sounds scary, our fingers seem to get in the way of the flawless application we’re looking for and well, we’re scared we won’t be able to get them off! Thanks to Dionne Phillips, owner of D’Lashes salon in Los Angeles whose clients include Victoria Beckham and Brandy, we can all rest assured.

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How to apply eyelash extensions… For Red Carpet ready lashes in under a minute, gently remove the lashes from the tray using tweezers. Make sure you pull the lashes up from the smaller lash end. Place the eyelash strip up to the lash line in an eyelash curler, as if you were curling your lashes. With the lash line of the strip exposed, squeeze a thin layer of adhesive on to the lashes before using the lash curler (as you usually would to curl your lashes) to apply the faux lashes to your lash line, without your fingers getting in the way. Hold for 10 seconds, using the end of a pair of tweezers to gently push down the lash line so it gets right in the crease, which is the most important part.

How do you fix lashes if you apply too much glue… If you apply too much glue to the eyelash extension strip, you should be able to just peel it off with your fingers because of its rubbery consistency. It also helps if you blow on the glue for 10-13 seconds before applying to your lash line so it is a little tacky and less runny. Once it’s off, just start over. Got too much glue on your eyelid? Read on for how to remove those faux lashes and start over.

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How should you remove fake lashes… Never just pull off the lashes or the glue stuck to your lids, because you can pull off your natural lashes. Instead, use water or an oil-free eye makeup remover on a q-tip or a washcloth to gently help remove the adhesive and remove the lashes, which also makes it so you can reuse lashes again.

What if I want a professional to apply my eyelash extensions… Before you head to the salon for eyelash extensions, be sure you’re going to a safe, reputable place by asking the right questions. Are they a certified, seasoned and reputable technician? How long they have been applying eyelashes? Are the tools labeled sterilized in the room? Can you actually see where they sterilize them? Is the room clean? Are they using new tools to apply your eyelashes? Do they wash their hands? What kind of adhesive are they using? Is it medical grade?

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