Eyelash Extensions: How To Keep Them Looking Great Longer

By Alexis Wolfer

Eyelash extensions can be quite the eye opener (literally). Unfortunately, they also require you open that wallet up (wide!) too. Sure, you can do the temporary stick-on ones for a night out on the town (if you do, may we suggest Eylure’s faux lashes, which are the easiest to apply that we’ve tried!), but if you’re looking to be more permanently glam (and who isn’t?!) Novalash lash extensions are the way to go. After spending an hour or more with your eyes taped shut and shelling out up to $450 though, seeing even just one of those precious lashes wash down the drain when you wash your face can be nothing short of heartbreaking. Thankfully, Alicia Hunter who is “lashing” with Novalash at Warren-Tricomi in NYC has 5 tips for us to help us keep our lashes looking full and fab as long as possible.

Use Approved Mascara. While your lash extensions should look beyond luscious without any additional mascara (and will last longer if you skip the mascara altogether), if you’re going to coat your eyelash extensions with mascara, which is particularly common for women as they get close to their fill-in date, make sure you use an approved mascara like Novalash’s glycol-free mascara.

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Go Gentle. Take heed from the mantra of museums: look, don’t touch. If they get tangled, daily brushing is fine, but don’t tug or pull on them or (you guessed it) they’ll come out!

Be Oil-Free. Oils can compromise the bond between the lash glue and your lashes, so keep greasy eye creams off of your lash line.

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Remove Makeup Carefully. Be careful about how you remove your eye makeup. Only use approved eye makeup removers and always sweep up and away from the lash extensions, especially if the makeup contains ingredients that could break down the adhesive.

Maintain Regularly. Don’t wait too long between fill-ins. It’s better (for your lids and your checking account) to get small touch-ups every 2-4 weeks than to wait until they all shed and you have to start fresh. And, trust us, you’ll love the full, lush look and won’t want to wait anyway.

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