From Subtle to Ke$ha: How To Apply + Wear Glitter Eye Makeup

By Alix Turoff

There’s no reason why Ke$ha should be the only one having all the fun. (AKA: wearing glitter!)

While full on glitter may be best-kept to bachelorette parties (or any other occasion that has you dancing on tables at 4am in vegas), when the mood strikes (even if it’s 2pm on a Tuesday), we’re here to let you know that it’s OKAY to rock some glitter on your peepers.

Sure, it may not be the office look your boss has in mind, but when you are gearing up for a night out on the town, glitter is the perfect way to make a statement through your makeup.

What You Need To Apply Glitter Eye Makeup

Applying glitter is actually pretty simple. All you need is your glitter of choice and some kind of makeup adhesive. We’ve been loving Urban Decay’s Bondage Weightless Makeup Adhesive ($14) with their Heavy Metal Loose Glitter ($12 each), which comes in ACDC (bright purple), Catfight (pink), Goldmine (yellow-gold),  Loaded (deep green), Reverb (deep blue), and Pyrotechnics (iridescent).

How To Apply Glitter Eye Makeup

To apply glitter eye makeup, brush the clear adhesive on to lids (or any other area that you want to add glitter!) and, using your fingertip or a brush, pick up some glitter from the pot and dab on over the adhesive.

Start with a small amount and continue to layer glitter until you’ve achieved the desired look.

Allow the glitter to set for 10-15 seconds and then use a makeup brush to get rid of any excess glitter.

And because the adhesive is water based, it won’t get sticky or tacky after you take it off.

You can apply the glitter over your favorite eye shadow too. So, if you’re still a little nervous about rocking the trend, use your usual shadow and just dab some glitter to the corners of your eyes for a subtle statement. You can also use your usual liner to add even more drama.

Not quite sold on rocking glitter outside of Vegas? For a more subtle look, use a glittered eyeliner just on your upper lash line to ease yourself into the look!

To take the glitter off, you’ll only need to use water.

It’s only a matter of time before you’re a glitter glamazon!