How To Get Darker, Fuller Lashes (Without Mascara!)

4 Mascara-Free Ways To Mega Lashes

Want mega lashes without having to worry about applying mascara? Over the fear of your mascara flaking or running throughout the day? Wish you could wake up looking like you already had makeup on but, well, without actually wearing any makeup?

Then darker, fuller, mascara-free lashes are just what you’re looking for and, well, we’re here to provide you with the roadmap you’re looking for.

How To Get Mega Lashes, Without Mascara

Get A Professional Lash Tint.
Emphasis on the “professional” part here, because dye near your eyes is DEFINITELY not a DIY job! That said, if you have naturally light eyelash hair, a professional can color your lashes, making them appear thicker, fuller, and longer, without having to wear mascara at all. While the hue fades with each face wash, results can last a couple of months.

Try Eyelash Extensions.
Click here for more info, but individual eyelash extensions (again, applied by a pro!) are a great way to look lash-a-licious, sans mascara. Sure, you’ll need to switch up your beauty routine a bit (oil dissolves the lash glue, but don’t worry: your pro will give you all the details), you’ll require regular maintenance appointments, and it’s both pricey and time-consuming; but if you want to look like you’re wearing a full-face of makeup the second you wake up, this is for you!

Use Lash Serum.
LatisseRevitaLash, and Elizabeth Arden’s PREVAGE® LASH + BROW ENHANCING SERUM are all at-home eyelash serums (Latisse you need to get from a doctor’s office, the other two you can order online). Each is designed to increase the “shelf-life” of your eyelashes by either conditioning them (so they’re less likely to break, like with Revitalash and Prevage) or increasing the amount of time they remain in your eye, before falling out (like Latisse). Either way, the result is that lashes are healthier and appear thicker and longer. Bonus: you can use them on your eyebrows too if you’ve over-plucked or just dream of thicker brows.

Use A Tinting Mascara.
Okay, so Rimmel London’s New Volume Colourist Mascara isn’t exactly mascara-free (it’s actually quite the opposite… Sorry!) but it will let you skip the eye-laquer (at least every once in a while!). This brand new mascara is formulated with temporary lash tint to gradually make bare lashes darker. The more you use, the more natural tinting colourants are delivered to the surface of your lashes, making your bare lashes appear darker in 2 weeks. The non-permanent tint will slowly wear off after the last usage.

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