DIY A Modern Smoky Eye

By Alexis Wolfer

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of attending the Teen Choice Awards with Olay Fresh Effects – and while I didn’t know many of the stars in attendance (how did I get so old/out of touch with the tween demo?!), I most certainly knew Hailee Steinfeld, star of the hit films True Grit and Romeo & Juliet (and not just because she was sitting a mere 3 seats away from me!). She was also the only teen star with a makeup look that made me stop and take note.

Sure, there were lots of fun hairstyles (most notably thick, messy, side braids), but when it came to makeup, it was Hailee’s modern smoky eye, created by Celebrity Makeup Artist Jenn Streicher, that had me sold.

Here’s How To DIY Hailee Steinfeld’s Modern Smoky Eye

1. Start with a small liner brush and make a pretty thick line across the lash line with the NYX Cosmetics Epic Black Mousse Liner.

2. After covering most of the lid with this, I then took a fluffy crease brush and blended out the mousse liner into the crease and a bit above before the product fully dried. This gives it a bit of a “smudged” look.

3. The last step was to take a small, fine liner brush and bring the line down from the corner of the inside of the eye and a little bit under the bottom lashes. This gives the traditional “smoky eye” more of a modern look.

Streicher explained that “Hailee’s Elie Saab dress was busy with pattern and lace, so we chose an edgy and fun makeup look that didn’t compete with her ensemble,” although I’d rock this look with jeans and a burnout tee too!

Tip: When doing a smoky eye, perfect the eyes before applying foundation or concealer so you can clean the under eye area.

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